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Green Tourism / Environmental Policy

The hotel has recently received a Silver Award

When we built the new extension we tried whenever possible to bear the environment in mind. An Audit was carried out by the Carbon Trust who advised us as to the best forward. They made recommendations which we have actioned.

We also made sure that we kept within our carbon footprint. This meant that there were certain things that we could not do. We had wanted airconditioning in all our new rooms, but we could not do this because it would have taken us over an acceptable environmental level.

We are always open to advice when it comes to creating a healthy and sustainable environment within the hotel.


  • To adopt energy saving practices and energy efficient equipment.
  • To set targets for lower gas and electrical consumption in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • To reduce waste by recycling materials and encouraging suppliers to minimize packaging.
  • To minimise water wastage by monitoring usage.
  • To sourse wherever possible bio friendly chemicals in order to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • To work with suppliers who have an environmental policy.
  • To source locally produced food for the best quality and minimum food miles.
  • To use Fair Trade products whenever possible.
  • To buy furniture which is made in Britain to ensure that sustainable products are used.
  • To ensure that all employees are aware of the Hotel Environmental Policy are are encouraged to contribute to improved environmental practices.
  • To communicate the Environmental Policy to guests.


Green Tourism Silver